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Web and Mobile Computing (WMC) is a 4-year degree program that explores ubiquitous application development with a firm focus on the end user experience. WMC students have an interest in the technology of today (and tomorrow), but they’re also interested in how people use that technology. At RIT, the WMC program is about combining people and technology to bring out the best in both.

What truly sets our graduates apart is their ability to see the world through the eyes of the user. Creating an impactful app begins with solid code and good design, but understanding user expectations is the cornerstone of that process. In the WMC program, students learn a user-centric approach to application creation. That, coupled with a robust developer skillset, enables them to produce applications that connect with multiple users across varied environments.

The WMC curriculum is structured with this in mind. Students learn how to integrate the back end code with the front end UI, and will be able to do it across several languages and platforms. This “full stack” knowledge enables our students to impact the app design process at all levels, making them incredibly valuable to employers seeking today’s application developers. That isn’t to say they can’t specialize however; WMC offers four areas of concentration, and students are given the freedom to pursue what they are passionate about.

For information about our 2 other undergraduate degree programs, visit their websites (Human-Centered Computing or Computing & Information Technologies), or check out our departmental site Information Sciences & Technologies.

I really enjoy the Web and Mobile Computing program here at RIT because it allows me to learn a wide-array of programming languages and remain knowledgeable about the latest breakthroughs/ advancements in technology; all of which make me incredibly competitive in the job market and academic circles.

Angelic Brown, RIT student

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