Financial Aid

RIT's Office of Financial Aid assists students and their families in identifying sources of financial aid to help meet the cost of a quality education. We realize that you are taking an important step in your life – one that is exciting, yet challenging. Since you have many other things to consider as you prepare for college, we want to help make your financial aid experience as smooth as possible.

Will I Qualify for Aid?

While the primary responsibility for your education rests with you and your family, RIT will assist you in identifying additional financial aid resources. More information about RIT's financial aid process can be found at RIT Financial Aid.

Does the IST Department offer support?

Yes! The department will facilitate application to targeted scholarships such as the Vanguard Women in Information Technology Scholarship. We also offer our own Deborah Cahn Memorial Scholarship for all enrolled students. Additionally, many professors are engaged in funded research that includes support for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Our best graduate students can also apply for a Graduate Assistant position. If accepted, the student will work as a Teaching Assistant and Tutor in exchange for a reduction in tuition.